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Lu home

Lu home The Peppermint Love Wreath - 22”

Lu home The Peppermint Love Wreath - 22”

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Introducing Lu home’s The Peppermint Love Wreath, finely crafted with natural preserved florals - featuring: melaleuca bracteata, rose leaves, Grevillea robusta leaves, Limonium, crystal flower, hydrangea, Blue planet, rice flower, petite pine cones, Eryngium, ginkgo nut & nandina.

This wreath will not disappoint, with lush and robust foliage all through out, vibrant colors. Allow this wreath to transition with you from the Holiday season to Valentine’s Day and early spring. Rich and vibrant in color. Perfect for in home decor and front door decor.
***We recommend for maximal longevity to keep our natural wreaths out of direct sunlight and to avoid getting them wet, this will preserve the color and vibrancy of our wreaths in the long run.***

Please note: This wreath is handmade and will vary slightly from wreath to wreath, but we do our best to maintain the likeness.
Because our wreaths are 100% natural preserved florals & leaves, that some pieces may be joussled loose during shipment, we do our best to pack it well and secure it tightly to minimize the natural shedding that may occur during the shipping process, but it’s not abnormal for a few pieces to come down off of your wreath during shipment.
Because your wreath is packed shipped in a tightly secured box, it may appear slightly “pressed” upon its arrival, do not be alarmed. :) We pack it this way to keep it safe and secure during shipment and to minimize the shedding we mentioned previously. This is normal and your wreath will fluff up once it is removed and placed in your desired area of choice.

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