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Lu home Bundle - Small Circle Vase with Miniature Dried Floral Arrangement

Lu home Bundle - Small Circle Vase with Miniature Dried Floral Arrangement

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Pair our small circle vase with one of our miniature dried floral arrangements; choose from 4 color options.

Our handmade clay circle vase houses our miniture dried florals beautifully, or may be used on its own as an accent piece with its neutral tone and fine craftsmanship. Interior glaze enables you to house wet and dry florals. This collection’s neutral tones and artisanal finishes make them go-to vessels for all seasons. As you swap out dried florals for fresh bouquets, display a variety of silhouettes together to create your own vignette or choose your favorite from Lu home signature preserved florals to showcase its unique beauty.

1) BLUE - The Hopeful Heart Mini Dried Floral Bouquet - Blue & Natural, Natural Blue Billy Balls, Natural Bunny Tail, Purple Lavender, White Italian Ruscus & Cream Baby Breath, Small Floral Arrangement.
***Brightly colored preserved natural blue Billy Balls, Natural Bunny Tail Grass, purple Lavender, white Italian Ruscus & cream Baby Breath. Symbolizing grace, hope, new beginnings, purity, everlasting love, good health & wellness. This artful arrangement is a Lu home favorite. Combining vibrant shades of blue and lavender and a variety of textures with enduring beauty. The Hopeful Heart bouquet is graceful, delicate, & understated. Great for any occasion or any hope looking for a pop of color year round. Measuring 14".***

2) GREEN - The Serenity Mini Dried Floral Bouquet - Green, Handcrafted Arrangement Features Preserved Natural Green Baby Breath, Cream Baby Breath, Green Melaleuca, White Nigella.
*** Preserved floral including green melaleuca, cream colored baby's breath, green baby's breath and white octagon flowers. This beautifully vibrant handcrafted arrangement features preserved natural green & cream Baby Breaths, Melaleuca and White Nigella (also known as Love-in-a-Mist). Symbolizing serenity, prosperity, harmony, growth, the bonds that bind people together and the peace associated with love. The White Nigella also has strong spiritual significance and is believed to possess the power of love to ward off evil spirits & negative energies. Nestled within a simple clear wrapping adorned with a ribbon, it's a lovely gift to bestow on someone special, yourself included. Measuring 14".***

3) NATURAL (pictures in listing primary photo) - The Natural Mini Dried Floral Bouquet - Cream & Natural, Preserved Natural White Pampas, Natural Bunny Tail Grass, Cream Baby Breath.
*** 35cm stems allow for trimming to custom fit your vase or vessel, includes white pampas, cream baby's breath and natural bunny tails. The fluff is real with this one, this bouquest is full and fluffy yet is beautifully understated with its size and color palette. Hand crafted preserved natural white Pampas, Natural Bunny Tail Grass & cream Baby Breath. Symbolizing spirituality, nature, purity and innocence. This creamy natural arrangement combines varying shades of cream, white, and beige and textures with everlasting beauty. It's a classic Boho chic arrangement ideal for any occasion or home decor style. Minimal, neutral, organic beauty. Measuring 14".***

4) RED - The Lovers Miniature Dried Floral Bouquet - Red & White, Preserved Natural red Limonium & Tatarian Sea-Lavender.
*** If you love the look of the Japanese Cherry Blossom, then this bouquet is for you, but on a smaller scale. Brightly colored preserved natural red Limonium & Tatarian sea-lavender, symbolizing lasting memories, affection and success. This artful arrangement combines vibrant shades and textures with enduring beauty. It's known as our mini Cherry Blossom bouquet. Minimal & understated beauty. Measuring 14".

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